I obtained my graphic design D.E.C. at Dawson College in 1987.
I worked as a layout artist at Mini Media Montreal (specialty advertising supplier) for approximately 3 years before distributing specialty advertising items on my own. Cerro & Cerro Articles Publicitaires was a small business I managed from home during the period of 1990-92.


During this 14 year period,  graphic design was less in the forefront of my life. I birthed and raised 3 beautiful daughters. I volunteered at my daughters’ schools and at my church.  Music became my new creative outlet. As church cantor for 3 years, I ministered the music for our weekly celebrations. I then joined an R & B  band named AutumnrOse. We performed for several years at Les Rythmes Tremblants’ annual summer festival and at corporate events within the Montreal area.


2006-November 2014
Graphic design inched its way back into my life when I was informed by our band’s booking agency that we needed to have a website to showcase our look and sound. Although I had not done any graphic design work since 1992, I researched online for an affordable application that would enable me to create a website. Within a week, I was obsessed by this new discovery. My website was well reviewed by friends and family. A friend recommended me to design a website for a pilot project that she was coordinating at Dawson College.

I continued volunteering within the Action Conservation Program at Dawson College throughout 2009. In 2010 Sustainable Dawson was created as a result of the success that Action Conservation brought. I’ve been working as a free-lance graphic designer for Sustainable Dawson since 2012.


I returned to study full-time at Rosemount Technology Centre (RTC) to update my skills in computer software applications, namely Adobe’s Creative Suite. I graduated from the Computer Graphics program at RTC in November 2014.


My mission is to focus on promoting Sustainable Development and environmental advocacy.

I have done volunteer work with Circle of Peace and Pathways to Peace. I have been designing promotional media for Earthvalues Institute and  Sustainable Dawson at Dawson College. I hope to introduce and promote sustainability through the combination of inspiring graphics and the mindful execution of steps that ensure responsible and successful output solutions.


November 2014 —  present
I was hired as the Visual Communication Coordinator for the non-profit organization: COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY SERVICES a.k.a CCS-Montreal from November 2014 to the end of March 2015 where I have designed collateral materials regarding community development and promotional materials for fundraisers, camp fair & senior financial literacy workshops. During that 4 month period I was also the CCS web technician and CCS social media coordinator.


As of April 2015 I've been happily pursuing my freelance career from my home studio in the Montreal borough of NDG.


In November 2015, I obtained a certificate in Environmental Advocacy at Sustainable Concordia. This enlightening 8 week workshop,  “Organizing Sustainability: Empowerment and Justice in Environmental Advocacy”  introduces the basics of community organizing for sustainability and environmental justice.